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Your questions, Answered

What is Toughened (tempered) glass?
Toughened glass is a safety glass designed to implode on impact. The panel disintegrates into small fragments (approx. 4mm pieces) and drops to the floor, causing little or no damage to any persons in the area. It also makes little or no sound upon breaking. It is ideal to use inside premises where safety is paramount.

What is Laminated Safety (Anti-Bandit) glass?
This glass increases security in all instances. It is composed of a three layers: two layers of glass bonded together with a PVU inter-layer. This allows the shatterproof glass to survive impact and support itself despite attempts to break it. Highly recommended and will keep intruders out! Highly recommended for shop fronts, bank cashier security screens, valuable display boxes and kiosks. Available up to a bulletproof resistance grade!

What is Polycarbonate?
We can supply and fit polycarbonate sheet , where there are continual break-ins. However, this material is easily scratched if not cleaned properly.

What are double-glazed units?
A double glazed unit is composed of two panes of glass sealed together with spacers in between. These spacers contain desiccant beads, which remove moisture from the unit, thereby preventing a build up of condensation with temperature fluctuations.

We measure, supply and fit all types of double glazed units, door panels, roof and conservatory panels, Velux roof units and all off shape units.

I have condensation between the glass in my windows?

Moisture has got inside your sealed unit and the only remedy is a replacement glass unit, which is far less expensive then replacing the complete window or door.

Do you fit new aluminium frames/doors?
We do not fit window frames or doors. We specialise in repairs and alteration to your existing frames and doors. We can also offer 1st class advice on upgrading your existing window frames and doors and where not possible recommend a reliable window and door installer to quote you.

My front / back / patio / French door will not lock?

Most often, a simple adjustment is required if the door lock works when the door is in the open position.

My window / door, is locked shut and I do not have the key to open it?

The lock can be picked open and changed, causing no damage to the framework.

Can most repairs be completed in one visit?
Yes, we carry most parts on the van and 90% of jobs are completed in one visit.

Do you give free estimates, over the phone?
Yes, if you tell us your problems, we can normally diagnose and supply you with a price over the phone.
One of the hinges, have broken on my door? Most times the broken hinge can be renewed.

Do you replace windows and doors?
No, therefore I make every effort to repair.

Do you charge a call out fee?
No, as a small family run business I do not charge a call-out fee.

Can I claim the cost of the repair on my insurance policy?
Yes. Upon completion of work we issue a full comprehensive invoice, which can be used for your insurance claim.